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Annual Distinguished Lecture Series

"Thanks for these lecture series which are one of the high spots of my life."

Public audience member from 2012 series


These public lectures, organised for the specific benefit of the MPhil students, are designed to attract speakers of international standing and repute to give their views on Sustainable Development. Speakers include leading experts from Cambridge University as well as from other leading universities, government bodies, multi-national corporations and international organisations. The opportunity to cross examine such leading thinkers in the question and answer sessions is seen to be a key activity associated with the MPhil programme.

Some of our previous speakers have included:

Professor Jared Diamond - Growing older in yesterday's world (2013)

Professor Tim Jackson - Economic for a Finite Planet (2013)

Jonathan Porritt -Sustainable capitalism (2012)

Dr Vandana Shiva - Making peace with the Earth (2012)

Dr Goran Carstedt – The Natural Step International (2011)

Professor David Mackay – Department for Energy and Climate Change (2010)

Bill McDonough – William McDonough + Partners (2009)

Baroness Barbara Young – Environment Agency (2008)

Professor Sir David King – UK Government Chief Scientific Advisor (2007)

Rt Hon Michael Meacher MP (2006)

Professor Paul Ekins – Policy Studies Institute (2005)

Sir Crispin Tickell (2004)

Sara Parkin - Forum for the Future (2003)

The events are free and open to the public.  MPhil students are able to have a private audience with the speaker prior to the lecture. 

The lectures take place during Lent and Easter Terms and are held in Lecture Theatre 0 in the Department of Engineering, Trumpington Street, Cambridge.  Each event will commence at 6pm and be concluded by 7:30pm.


Annual Lecture Series