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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge



36 dissertations

Title Description
Ahmed Abdulrahman Reducing GHG Emissions From Egypt’s Oil & Gas Industry By Flare Gas Recovery
Alumni Profiles
Andrew T. Hable Water Supply Alternatives for the City of Waukesha (Wisconsin, USA)
Arthur Sebert Sustainable Energy Supply In China: The Role Of Indicators And Targets
Ashish Mishra The Effectiveness of Sustainable Drainage Systems In Highly Urbanised Areas: Bangalore, India
Christina Stamper Sustainability of Different Approaches to Bamboo Textile Production
Da Chen Sustainable Development of Giant Oil Fields in China: The Assessment Framework and Case Studies
Damian Tomic Embedding Environmental Awareness in Schools: Analysis of the impact of implementing environmental technology and environmental certification schemes
Faheem Merchant Analyzing the sustainability of community driven development in Afghanistan using the National Solidarity Program case study
Felipe Cox A Framework to Evaluate the Sustainability of a Company's Supply Chain, Developed from the Practices of the UK Retail Industry
H Sharp Incorporating Disaster Risk Reduction into Development Projects in Bangladesh
H. Alejandro Tardel Bustamante Sustainability Considerations for the Post Earthquake and Tsunami Response in Chilean Coastal Communities: The Case of the Licantén Municipality
J Tan Scenario Planning for Urban Development in the United Arab Emirates
J Tuccillo Distributed Renewable Generation of Electricity in Argentina: a technology roadmap
J Ward-Waller Overcoming barriers to sustainable transport in U.S. cities – a case study of cycling in Philadelphia
J Wicker Changing to Low Carbon Buildings: A critical analysis of the viability and effectiveness of European Directives in the building sector to cut greenhouse gas emi...
Jimena Villegas Comparison Analysis of Green and Conventional Products
JJ Meek Comparison of Sustainable Home Building Rating Systems: An intra and inter gap analysis
Kristina Ostman Achieving Rural Electrification for Sustainable Development: An analysis of the Self-Help Electrification Program in Ghana
LM Pearson Mechanisms and Policies to Encourage Water Efficiency among Scottish Water Customers