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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge



Title Description
Obichukwu (Obi) Anaduaka Sustainable development of Solar Power technology for electricity generation in developing countries.
Jack Barrie A study on the diffusion of pay as you go solar technology in Uganda
Andrew Hunt Making the international emergency response to shelter following natural disasters build towards safer and more sustainable futures
Mara-Tafadzwa Makoni The relationship between aid effectiveness and sustainable urban water supply and sanitation service delivery in rebuilding fragile states: Zimbabwe as a case s...
Faheem Merchant Analyzing the sustainability of community driven development in Afghanistan using the National Solidarity Program case study
Ashish Mishra The Effectiveness of Sustainable Drainage Systems In Highly Urbanised Areas: Bangalore, India
Kristina Ostman Achieving Rural Electrification for Sustainable Development: An analysis of the Self-Help Electrification Program in Ghana
Arthur Sebert Sustainable Energy Supply In China: The Role Of Indicators And Targets
H Sharp Incorporating Disaster Risk Reduction into Development Projects in Bangladesh
NS Sharpe Development of a Novel Plan for Emptying Pit Latrines in Urban Slums
J Tan Scenario Planning for Urban Development in the United Arab Emirates
Tareq Al-Ansari Analysing the Resilience of Qatar National Food Security Program
Ryan Alexander The costs and human benefits of an incremental approach to the upgrading of informal settlements in Cape Town, South Africa
Clara Aranda-Jan Rural Electrification: Drivers and Outcomes in Health Care Facilities in Low Income Countries
Alexandre Boury Analysing national pathways in carbon emissions, economic activity and life expectancy: Trajectories towards sustainable development
Paul Cassell A Sustainability Analysis of Mobile Banking in Low and Middle Income Countries: Enabling Identification of Potential Markets
Andrew Cross Creating Interactive and Collaborative Primary School Classrooms in Zambia with and without Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Henry Donaghy Engineering for Sustainable Maritime Development: The Gulf of Guinea
Souvik Ghosh The Environmental Impact and Sustainability of Planned Nuclear New Build in India