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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge


Energy Demand

Title Description
Timothy S. Mbasuen Peak Oil and Climate Change: How Prepared is Nigeria?
Panagiotis Nikolopoulos Fluid Mechanics of geothermal heat pumps
Victoria Selska The impact of oil extraction and transport on the marine environment
Irene Darku The utilisation of agro-waste as alternative fuel sources to meet local energy needs in Ghana
Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos Design and application of a horizontal-axis tidal stream turbine
Alexandre Head Intermittency considerations and sustainability analysis of renewable energy in the UK
(Ming Sum) Rosie Ma Policies and Strategies for stimulating renewable energy and energy efficiency
Andrew Burston Design Concept For a 100KW scale wind turbine suitable for UK Rural Ownership and Operation
Zhiming Cai An asssessment of technological options to reduce greenhouse gases emissions from electricity industry
Charles Collins-Chase Analysis of the potential for biodiesel implementation in South Africa
Louis Coulomb Disaggregating Experience Curves
Steven Hunt Managing Intermittency of Renewable Electricity Generation
Eamonn Joyce Opportunities for energy exchange with the ground
Snezana Lekic Possibilities of heat recovery from waste composting process
Sarah Mills The Role of Desalination In The East Of England In 2025 And Beyond: A look at the water/energy connection
Marisa Henry Behavioural Interventions in Massachusetts Electricity Provision
Micah Melnyk Scaling sustainable energy for all: Business models and private sector involvement in small scale, decentralized renewable electricity in developing countries
Stephanie Andrea Hirmer Stakeholder participation to ensure sustainable development in developing countries: Making the deployment of pico-PV more sustainable along the value chain
Da Chen Sustainable Development of Giant Oil Fields in China: The Assessment Framework and Case Studies
WHB Chong Trends in energy efficiency and CO2 emissions in China’s major cities: An index decomposition analysis