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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge


Life Cycle Assessment

Zhi Yi (Jaclyn) Yeo

Sustainability impact assessment on functional ports failure in a changing climate – A Singapore’s context

Markus Graebig

Comparative analysis of land use intensity and environmental impacts of biomass and photovoltaics

Rebecca Bateman

Sustainability in the Cosmetics Industry

H Azeem

Sustainability Implications of Piping System Design

Muhammad Abbas

Development of integrated carbon capture & storage technologies in the uk

Da Chen

Sustainable Development of Giant Oil Fields in China: The Assessment Framework and Case Studies

Sacha Grodzinski

Assessing the sustainability of biogas use in East Africa

Meng-Tsung Shih

Regional Impact of the Decommissioning of the Neihu and Muzha Incinerators in Taipei

Christina Stamper

Sustainability of Different Approaches to Bamboo Textile Production

Warit Taechajinda

An analysis of the short-term future of ethanol blended gasoline for Thailand's transport

Jimena Villegas

Comparison Analysis of Green and Conventional Products

Noor-Hal Cuellar

Assessing the sustainability of potential bioethanol from agave as a feedstock in Mexico

Felipe Dussaillant

Introduction and Critical Analysis of the Terracopia Methodology for Product Sustainability Assessment: The Case of the Chilean Farmed Salmon

Philip Krammer

Evaluation of non-CO2 impacts from widespread use of aviation biofuels

Julia Oswald

Evaluation of the Energy Use of Packaging in the Food Industry

Alexandra Pearson

The State of Sustainability in New Product Development: A critical review of current practice and organisational conditions that facilitate the integration of sustainable design into new product development

Kan Wang

Sustainability Analysis of Solar PV Industry in China

Ehimhen Ejemhen Okoh

A whole life cost analysis of a process for recycling scrap tyres as road pavement

Elie-Adrien Mouzon

Product & Business Practice Sustainability Assessment

Galvin Clancey

Assessing the Sustainability of Spent Mushroom Compost Disposal Options