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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge



Title Description
Tareq Al-Ansari Analysing the Resilience of Qatar National Food Security Program
Ryan Alexander The costs and human benefits of an incremental approach to the upgrading of informal settlements in Cape Town, South Africa
Mariam Al-Qubaisi Crisis-resilient Water Policies: What can the United Arab Emirates take from the Australian model?
Clara Aranda-Jan Rural Electrification: Drivers and Outcomes in Health Care Facilities in Low Income Countries
Alicia Blatiak Investigating Scour at Offshore Monopile Wind Turbine Foundations
Alexandre Boury Analysing national pathways in carbon emissions, economic activity and life expectancy: Trajectories towards sustainable development
Paul Cassell A Sustainability Analysis of Mobile Banking in Low and Middle Income Countries: Enabling Identification of Potential Markets
Emily Castro-Prieto Assessing sustainability of a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action for energy-efficiency measures in the Mexican residential building sector
Bonita Costigane Sustainability in Engineering and Design Consultancy
Andrew Cross Creating Interactive and Collaborative Primary School Classrooms in Zambia with and without Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Noor-Hal Cuellar Assessing the sustainability of potential bioethanol from agave as a feedstock in Mexico
Henry Donaghy Engineering for Sustainable Maritime Development: The Gulf of Guinea
Jonathan Dowsett Sustainable Shipping: Options for a Global Industry
Emrah Durusut Potential and Viability of Wind Energy in Turkey: Barriers and Opportunities
Felipe Dussaillant Introduction and Critical Analysis of the Terracopia Methodology for Product Sustainability Assessment: The Case of the Chilean Farmed Salmon
Liliana Estrada-Galindo Renewable Energy R&D in Public Research Centres: Assessing its relation with the industry in Mexico
Mercedes Ferreyra Implementing Renewable Energy Technologies in Catamarca, Argentina
Roki Fukuzawa Integration of Climate Change Policy to Foster Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Industrial Practices
Souvik Ghosh The Environmental Impact and Sustainability of Planned Nuclear New Build in India
Franco Gonzalez-Zenteno Distributed Generation and Sustainable Energy Systems