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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge



Title Description
Carlos Hernandez-Galaviz Regulatory Framework for the Production of Agave-based Bioethanol in Mexico
Brennan Hodkinson Scenarios for the Sustainable Future of South African Coal
Asimina Karakyriakou Security of Energy Supply in Europe: Investigating the Risk Factors
Minsung Kim Sustainable Microgrid Strategies: focusing on apartment complexes in South Korea
Philip Krammer Evaluation of non-CO2 impacts from widespread use of aviation biofuels
Cheuk-yin Leung Barriers of implementing environmental assessment tools for new buildings: the case of BEAM Plus in Hong Kong
Kristen MacAskill Risk Management as a Framework for Applying Sustainability Concepts on Infrastructure Projects
Michael Mastin Carbon and its impact on UK water industry investment and regulation
Yukie Mato Quantifying Potential Benefits of Monitoring and Surveillance of Rural Water Supplies in Bangladesh
Rami Migally Investigation of Electricity Supply Options
Elliott More Development at what cost? Assessment of development policy impacts on sustainable development in the Amazonian Basin
Feriha Mugisha Catchment Characterisation for Sustainable Water Resources Management
Candice Nagel Integration of Sustainability Criteria in Power Generation Investment Plan
Julia Oswald Evaluation of the Energy Use of Packaging in the Food Industry
Silvia Fernanda Palomino Micro Hydropower in the UK: Assessment of New Projects
John Yiannis Paparistodemou The Development of a Sustainable National Energy Plan for Cyprus
Alexandra Pearson The State of Sustainability in New Product Development: A critical review of current practice and organisational conditions that facilitate the integration of s...
Fiorella Pino-Luna Approaches to Sustainable Urban Water Management for Lima City
Eduardo Porta Developing a Micro-Hydro Franchise for Rapid Scale-Up
He Qi Carbon Footprint and Recycling Design of Industrial Water Network in Delta Area of Yangtze River: A Simulation Based Methodology