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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge


Urban Environment

Title Description
Angeliki Gkogka The reduction of inner city congestion and pollution problems using Low Speed Autonomous Transport Systems: a study for the City of London.
Ben Hardy How can the sustainability of road transport be improved through the introduction of autonomous vehicle technology?
Andriana Kontou Electric buses: lessons to be learnt from the Milton Keynes demonstration project
Kyle Maggard Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Stormwater Management
Mark Frey Transportation Justice in London and New York City
Catherine Martin Sustainable Design in an Urban Infill Development: A Case Study of the Studio at Cambridge Department of Architecture
Kanchan Sharma Eco Towns as Drivers for low carbon future: Dunsfold Park
Gareth Haslam Challenges and Strategies for Moving towards Sustainability within Office Buildings Using a Case Study of the Save the Children Headquarters in London
Joan Ko Drivers and barriers for the adoption of energy efficiency innovations in new UK housing
Owen Groves Best practice: Technology and policy for decoupling urbanisation and air pollution in developing countries
Victoria Hickman The Implementation of Building Technologies in Ladakh, India - A Case Study
R Blackie Public Transportation (large infrastructure focus) for Vancouver, BC: as a key factor in achieving climate change targets.
JJ Meek Comparison of Sustainable Home Building Rating Systems: An intra and inter gap analysis
Ashish Mishra The Effectiveness of Sustainable Drainage Systems In Highly Urbanised Areas: Bangalore, India
Simon Munnik Organic Output of an MBT plant as a fuel for waste to energy
Natalia Reyna Opportunities and Constraints of Sustainable Water Management in Oaxaca City, Mexico
H Sharp Incorporating Disaster Risk Reduction into Development Projects in Bangladesh
NS Sharpe Development of a Novel Plan for Emptying Pit Latrines in Urban Slums
Meng-Tsung Shih Regional Impact of the Decommissioning of the Neihu and Muzha Incinerators in Taipei