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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge



Title Description
Bongani Dladla The sustainability of micro-algae cultivation using the novel floating, flexible Photo-BioReactor in coastal cities: a Case study of Durban, South Africa
Ryan DuChanois Reliability and Equity of Water Service in Rural Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and Mozambique
Luca Di Mario Approaches for Adaptive Water Management in the Tiber River Basin
Anna Cestari The hydropolitics of water management
Amy Embury Jones Satrom Sustainability and high-level asset investment in the UK water industry
Jan Adamowski Weekly water demand forecasting using simple Artificial Neural Networks
Maureen Ntege An evaluation of the pollutant removal efficiency of small wastewater treatment systems in the UK
Olivia Thorne A case based reasoning approach for appraising the asset condition and performance of water industry
Yulia Timoshkina A systems dynamics approach for evaluating the sustainability of asset management in the UK water industry
Jin Hooi Chan Water quality modelling and assessment in Maputo, Mozambique
Penny Green (nee Coombes) Investigating the feasibility of an integrated closed-loop system for domestic water use
Sarah Mills The Role of Desalination In The East Of England In 2025 And Beyond: A look at the water/energy connection
Cherno Lamin Jallow Are grey water heat recovery systems financially viable? – A case study in Robinson College
Kyle Maggard Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Stormwater Management
Mara-Tafadzwa Makoni The relationship between aid effectiveness and sustainable urban water supply and sanitation service delivery in rebuilding fragile states: Zimbabwe as a case s...
Andrew T. Hable Water Supply Alternatives for the City of Waukesha (Wisconsin, USA)
Ashish Mishra The Effectiveness of Sustainable Drainage Systems In Highly Urbanised Areas: Bangalore, India
LM Pearson Mechanisms and Policies to Encourage Water Efficiency among Scottish Water Customers
Natalia Reyna Opportunities and Constraints of Sustainable Water Management in Oaxaca City, Mexico
Ye Tao River Basin Water Resource Management in Taihu Lake Basin: an institutional assessment