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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge



Title Description
Peter Storm Present and Future Water Policy in California
Winston Tan Footprinting: A Decision-Making Tool for UK Water Industry?
Aimen Sattar The influence of water, land, energy and soil-nutrient resource interactions on the food system in Egypt
Daniel Clayton Water and the Circular Economy
Ceridwen Salisbury A Real Options Approach to Balancing Blue-Green and Grey Urban Drainage Solutions
Thomas Niven Evaluating the Sustainability of Small Town Reliance on Runoff Water Sources: A Case Study in Northern India.
Samantha Passmore Pathways to a Business Model for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Education Services: A Case Study in Honduras.
Carlos Younes Sustainability in a Temporary Situation: A Case Study of Water Service Delivery to Syrian Refugees in Akkar, North Lebanon.
Sadman Islam Identification and optimization of conditions required for systems interactions in Green Infrastructures: A case study in Newcastle of Sustainable Urbran Drain...
Francesca O'Hanlon Monitoring and Evaluation in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Capacity Building Sector: An Evaluation of the Quality of Evidence to Support CAWST's ‘Theory o...
M Abdur Rahman Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in Pakistan
Shri Gugan Siva Subramaniam The ENERGY-WATER Nexus in the UK: IMPACT OF SHALE GAS exploitation in The Midlands
Daniel Navarro Bermudez Evaluation of Sustainable Drainage Systems using a novel benefit intensity methodology
Derek Bruton Effects of population growth, climate change, and increased water reuse on water supply and demand in Utah.
Joao Costa Scoping The Potential of Stormwater as a Source of Energy
Suzana De Souza Brandao Water Efficiency for Sustainable Homes
(Jose) Emiliano Detta Silvera Membrane Bioreactors (MBRS) as a Sustainable Solution for Wastewater Treatment in Mega Cities
James Dodds Waste Management at the Sole Bay Brewery
Colleen Duncan The Roles of "For-Profit" and "Not-For-Profit" Organizations: A Study of Irrigation in Nepal