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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Latest news

Seven Challenges for Sustainable Infrastructure - a blog article by Professor Richard Fenner

3 March 2023

A new blog article by Professor Richard Fenner, released in conjunction with the release of the fully-revised second edition Sustainable Infrastructure: Principles into Practice by Fenner, Ainger and Sykes, highlights a range of critical issues that must be overcome in developing sustainable infrastructure systems that...

Sustainable Infrastructure: Principles into Practice – fully revised second edition now available

3 March 2023

Professor Richard Fenner , Charles Ainger and former Engineering for Sustainable Development MPhil student Judith Sykes have recently released the updated second edition of their book Sustainable Infrastructure: Principles into Practice with ICE Publishing. The book is a practical handbook to help engineers deliver...

New study co-authored by ESD MPhil lecturer André Cabrera Serrenho identifies methods to reduce fertiliser carbon emissions by up to 80% by 2050

16 February 2023

A new study by Dr André Cabrera Serrenho and Dr Yunhu Gao has mapped the global flows of fertilisers and their emissions. Their work, featured in February’s Nature Food, has established that the production and use of nitrogen fertilisers accounts for 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions and that around two-thirds of...

Course Overview


The need to engage in better problem definition through careful dialogue with all stakeholder groups and a proper recognition of context.


An ability to work with specialists from other disciplines and professional groups acknowledging that technical innovation and business skills also must be understood, nurtured and combined as precursors to the successful implementation of sustainable solutions.


An understanding of mechanisms for managing change in organisations so future engineers are equipped to play a leadership role.


An awareness of a range of assessment frameworks, sustainability metrics and methodologies such as Life Cycle Analysis, Systems Dynamics, Multi-Criteria Decision making and Impact Assessment.