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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge



Dissertation Research 2012-13

Title Description
(Maria) Jimena Alvarez The economics of Climate Change: the social cost of carbon dioxide from the RCP emission scenarios
Abhishek Jain Development of Decision Analysis Framework to Assist Decentralized Electrification in Rural India
Adam Burke Construction Feasibility and Impact Assessment of Multi-Purpose Artificial Reefs
Alumni Profiles
Ana Castaneda - Himmelspach Meeting the needs of water management in Mexico City with pre Hispanic cultures practices
Andres Assar A Framework for air pollution and its consequences in some cities in Chile
Antonia Hart Traditional Versus Modern Homes for Barbados
Brett Ormrod The viability of nuclear power as a decarbonisation strategy given South Africa’s emerging climate change agenda
Brittany Coff Evaluating the Effectiveness and Sustainability of NGO Activities: A Case Study in Zambia
Caroline Brown Assessment of the design options and feasibility of providing transitional housing to South Africans awaiting permanent low-cost government housing
Chris McClurg Bridging the Gap Between the Design and Delivery of Sustainable Buildings Using Maintenance Tickets to Create a Data-Driven Feedback Loop
Dana Boyer Vegetation in buildings: greenery to address psychological and social health in sustainable building design
Dev Tayal Designing Sustainable Cities: Urban Transport Innovations
Dinesh Kapur A critical review of sustainability in sport: Investigating motivation and potential for the sport sector and football clubs to take up environmental stewardshi...
Faran Mahmood Behavioural implications of policy instruments on triple bottom line business sustainability in an innovation-driven economy
Gerard Casey Afghanistan: Repatriation and Resettlement
Grecia Sofia Rodriguez Jimenez Adapting to the effect of climate change and demand shift on the UK's decarbonized energy system
Greg Felter Water Supply Challenges in Cities as a Result of Urbanization
Haitao He Plastic Waste Recycling Model A Study of Plastic Supply Chain from UK to China