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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge




Title Description
Adit Sharma An Assessment of Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater and Appropriate Mitigation Strategies in Bangladesh
Alexandra Pearson The State of Sustainability in New Product Development: A critical review of current practice and organisational conditions that facilitate the integration of s...
Alexandre Boury Analysing national pathways in carbon emissions, economic activity and life expectancy: Trajectories towards sustainable development
Alicia Blatiak Investigating Scour at Offshore Monopile Wind Turbine Foundations
Alumni Profiles
Andrew Cross Creating Interactive and Collaborative Primary School Classrooms in Zambia with and without Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Andrew Sullivan Tidal Energy on a Global Scale: Feasibility and Contribution to Energy Growth in the Developing World
Asimina Karakyriakou Security of Energy Supply in Europe: Investigating the Risk Factors
Bonita Costigane Sustainability in Engineering and Design Consultancy
Brennan Hodkinson Scenarios for the Sustainable Future of South African Coal
Candice Nagel Integration of Sustainability Criteria in Power Generation Investment Plan
Carlos Hernandez-Galaviz Regulatory Framework for the Production of Agave-based Bioethanol in Mexico
Cheuk-yin Leung Barriers of implementing environmental assessment tools for new buildings: the case of BEAM Plus in Hong Kong
Christine Sams An Investigation into Sustainability Strategies in Value Chain Networks
Clara Aranda-Jan Rural Electrification: Drivers and Outcomes in Health Care Facilities in Low Income Countries
Constantinos Savvides Coupled Analysis of Resource Sectors Management in Cyprus
Daniel Vieira Policies to Encourage the Sustainable Development of Brazilian Electricity System with Distributed Generation
Eduardo Porta Developing a Micro-Hydro Franchise for Rapid Scale-Up
Elliott More Development at what cost? Assessment of development policy impacts on sustainable development in the Amazonian Basin
Emily Castro-Prieto Assessing sustainability of a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action for energy-efficiency measures in the Mexican residential building sector