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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Founded in 2009 at the course Annual Dinner, the ESD MPhil Alumni Fund was initially designed to address real, research-related, financial hardship needs of students participating on the course. While this remains a short-term objective, alumni are now also seeking to recognize research that is novel and/or has high impact potential, and are aggressively building the Fund’s principal to support the long-term goal of providing partial or full scholarships to future students in the MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development (ESD) programme. Through the Fund, past students and friends of the course are working to ensure that current and future generations of students can derive maximum benefit from the programme; that exceptional research is duly recognized; and that, as a community, we collectively expand the impact of our sustainability-oriented efforts.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact either

Donations can be received as a cheque made payable to "The University of Cambridge".  All cheque donations need an accompanying letter saying that the money is given without conditions (contactfor a template).  All cheque donations need to be handed/sent to with the request that it is credited to Job 2664 (NDZY).

In all cases please also send an email to the co-chairs of the fund stating the amount donated and the date given. This is essential to ensure that the donation goes into the correct account.

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