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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

The reading and book list below is intended to give guidance on general texts which will help provide a useful background in Sustainable Development issues prior to joining the course. Course specific reading lists for each module will be provided at the beginning of each term.

Ashford N, Hall R (2018) Technology, Globalization, and Sustainable Development:Transforming the Industrial State    Routledge        


ISBN-10: 1138605522

Sanneh E.S (2018) Systems Thinking for Sustainable Development   Springer

ISBN 978-3-319-70585-9

Benn S., Edwards M., Williams T. (2018) Organizational Change for Corporate Sustainability 4th Edition  Routledge  


ISBN-10: 1138665908

Robertson M (2018) Communicating Sustainability  Routledge

ISBN-10: 1138963062

Konig A.,  Ravetz J. (ed) (2017) Sustainability Science: Key Issues (Key Issues in Environment and Sustainability) Routledge 


ISBN-10: 1138659282

Clegg S.R , de Matos J.A.  (eds) (2017) Sustainability and Organizational Change Management Routledge



Thiele  L.P (2016) Sustainability 2nd edition; Polity Press Cambridge UK      


Brinkman R. (2016) Introduction to Sustainability  Wiley Blackwell  

ISBN-10: 1118487257

Yates J.K Castro-Lacouture D. (2015) Sustainability in Engineering Design and  Construction CRC Press


ISBN-10: 149873391

Jha N.K (2015) Green Design and Manufacturing for Sustainability CRC Press

ISBN-10: 1466505265

Caradonna J.L. (2014) Sustainability:  A History  Oxford University Press

ISBN 979-0-19-937240-9

Capra F., Luisi P.L ( 2014) The Systems View of life: A unifying vision Cambridge University Press


Ainger C.,  Fenner R.A. (2014) Sustainable Infrastructure: Principles into Practice  (Delivering Sustainable Infrastructure Series)   ICE Publishing 

ISBN 978-0-7277-5754-8

Johnson A, Gibson A.( 2014) Sustainability in Engineering Design  Academic Press Inc

ISBN-13: 978-0080993690

De Las Heras A., (2014) Sustainability Science and Technology: An Introduction CRC Press


ISBN-13: 978-1466518087

De Vries B. (2013)_ Sustainability Science Cambridge University Press

ISBN 978-0-521-18470-0

Bentivegna V, Brandon P.S.  and Lombardi P (2012)  Evaluation of the Built Environment for Sustainability Taylor and Francis


Randers J., (2012)  2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years  Chelsea Green Publishing Co                       

ISBN-10: 1603584218

Allenby B.R.  (2012) The Theory and Practice of Sustainable Engineering Pearson (Prentice Hall)         

ISBN10: 0 273 75216 2

Flannery T. (2012) Here on earth - A twin biography of the planet and the human race Penguin


ISBN-10: 0241950732

Brown L ( 2011) World on the Edge : How to prevent environmental and economic collapse  Routledge

ISBN-10: 1849712743


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ISBN 987-0-470-68469-6


Tester J., Drake E., Driscoll M., Golay M., Peters W. (2012) Sustainable Energy: Choosing Among Options  2nd edition MIT Press;               


ISBN-10: 0262017474

Porritt J. (2012) Capitalism as if the World Matters  Routledge  


ISBN: 1844071936

Allwood J., Cullen J. ( 2012) Sustainable Materials - with Both Eyes Open: UIT Cambridge   

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Dyer G., (2011) Climate Wars One World, Oxford

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Mulder M., Ferrer D., van Lente H. (2011) What is Sustainable Technology?: Perceptions, Paradoxes and Possibilities   Greenleaf Publishing  

ISBN-10: 1906093504

Azapagic A., Perdan S.  (2011) Sustainable Development in Practice: Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists 2nd Edition  Wiley


Andrea Colantonio, Tim Dixon (2010) Urban Regeneration and Social Sustainability: Best Practice from European Cities        Wiley – Blackwell       

ISBN-10: 1405194197

S. Bry Sartre ( 2010) Sustainable Infrastructure: The Guide to Green Engineering and Design               John Wiley and Sons  

ISBN-10: 0470453613

Nicholas Stern (2010) A blueprint for a safer planet: how we can survive the world and create prosperity     Vintage 

ISBN-10: 0099524058

James Lovelock (2009) The vanishing face of Gaia: a final warning            Allen Lane     

ISBN-10: 1846141850

Donella Meadows (2008) Thinking in Systems - A Primer Chelsea Green Publishing 

ISBN 978 1 60358 055 7


Harris G ( 2007) Seeking Sustainability : in an age of complexity Cambridge University Press

ISBN 978-0-521-69532-9


Walker P., (2006)  Change Management for Sustainable Development – a workbook The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Best Practice Series Volume 8       

ISSN 1473-849X

Mulder K., (ed) (2006)  Sustainable Development for Engineers: A Handbook and Resource Guide Greenleaf Publishing

ISBN 1 874719 19 5

Diamond J., ( 2006) Collapse: how societies choose to fail or succeed  Penguin Books Ltd 

ISBN  0140279512

Edwards, A, (2005) The Sustainability Revolution - Portrait of a paradigm shift New Society Publishers                               

ISBN 0 86571 531 9

Doppelt B. (2003)  Leading change Towards Sustainability: A change management guide for business, government and civil society (with forwards by William McDonagh and Paul de Jongh. Greenleaf Publishing Ltd


ISBN 1874719632


Eric Neumayer (2003)  Weak versus strong sustainability: exploring the limits of two opposing paradigms.  Edward Elgar Publishers       



ISBN: 1843764881

Course Overview


The need to engage in better problem definition through careful dialogue with all stakeholder groups and a proper recognition of context.


An ability to work with specialists from other disciplines and professional groups acknowledging that technical innovation and business skills also must be understood, nurtured and combined as precursors to the successful implementation of sustainable solutions.


An understanding of mechanisms for managing change in organisations so future engineers are equipped to play a leadership role.


An awareness of a range of assessment frameworks, sustainability metrics and methodologies such as Life Cycle Analysis, Systems Dynamics, Multi-Criteria Decision making and Impact Assessment.