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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions









In the Lent term, after our ESD MPhil students have had a term to settle into Cambridge, the Client Consultancy Project (CCP) module sets their minds on a real-world question or challenge identified by an external client. 

The essence of the CCP module is to offer students the opportunity to assume a consultancy role by working in groups to address a problem in their client’s organisation or sector.  Clients include major design and business consultancy practices, charities, infrastructure asset owners, international government organisations and start-up tech firms.

Our CCP partner clients benefit from the opportunity to work with a group of diverse, talented students who are passionate about sustainable development. Most students already have considerable work experience before commencing the MPhil course.

This is a learning-by-doing exercise which provides the chance to apply some of the concepts, skills and competencies introduced in other areas of the course.  Students work on their consultancy projects from January to March each year, alongside their other taught programme activity. The project outcomes are delivered in both a written report and a formal presentation.

Given the extensive capabilities available in current online meeting technology, client representatives do not need to be based in the UK. If you are interested in becoming a CCP client, please contact the CCP lead staff member Dr Kristen MacAskill at