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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge

Akinyemi A. G.

Multi-criteria Analysis of Small Scale Treatment Systems for Sustainable Wastewater Management across Nigeria

This paper details research that investigated, through multiple criteria schemes, how multiple sites across Nigeria could be categorized and systematically matched with the most appropriate technologies for sustainable wastewater management. Candidate wastewater treatment technologies were mapped across sites, with suitability assessed considering economic, social and environmental factors. The reference sites were selected for representative value across the region and encompass the ethnic, political and demographic boundaries that exist in Nigeria. By mapping site characteristics dimensions (X1, X2… Xn) across the region of interest representative sites, and technology suitability (Y1, Y2... Ym) for technologies identified in Nigeria from existing literature and case studies, new sites can be characterized in terms of the X1→Xn dimensions and Y1→Ym scores can be calculated. This work thus enables rapid estimation of technology suitability scores for any location in Nigeria that, once generated, can then be used to screen and support which candidate technologies are appropriate options for candidate sites. The methodology presented is readily adaptable to other countries and regions.



Wastewater treatment; sanitation; Nigeria, sustainable; multiple criteria analysis; decision space