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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions
Read more at: Benjamin Scheder-Bieschin

Benjamin Scheder-Bieschin

Solar Energy for Airports - Opportunities and Challenges

Read more at: Suganya Paskaran

Suganya Paskaran

The use of decentralized Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems in Sri Lanka

Read more at: Stephen Tuffner

Stephen Tuffner

An Analysis of Social Housing Infrastructure Development

Read more at: Peter Storm

Peter Storm

Present and Future Water Policy in California

Read more at: Kathleen Nelson

Kathleen Nelson

Beauty in Density: A Sustainability Review of London’s Barbican Estate

Read more at: Wai Jun Mak

Wai Jun Mak

New Urban Mobility Solutions in Megacities

Read more at: Michael Li

Michael Li

Economic impacts of policies to decarbonise the Australian electricity grid

Read more at: Quan Lau

Quan Lau

Climate Change Resilience in Slum Communities

Read more at: Robert Hume

Robert Hume

Water Resource Management in Flood-Prone Urban Areas

Read more at: Judd Harris

Judd Harris

The development potential of renewable energy in remote Indigenous communities

Course Overview


The need to engage in better problem definition through careful dialogue with all stakeholder groups and a proper recognition of context.


An ability to work with specialists from other disciplines and professional groups acknowledging that technical innovation and business skills also must be understood, nurtured and combined as precursors to the successful implementation of sustainable solutions.


An understanding of mechanisms for managing change in organisations so future engineers are equipped to play a leadership role.


An awareness of a range of assessment frameworks, sustainability metrics and methodologies such as Life Cycle Analysis, Systems Dynamics, Multi-Criteria Decision making and Impact Assessment.