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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions
Read more at: Ayog Basnyat

Ayog Basnyat

Disaster risk management with disruptive technology for climate resilient infrastructure planning: Transboundary high mountainous region in Nepal

Read more at: Han Xu

Han Xu

Building recycling: A comparison of material recovery and building repurposing

Read more at: Anne Wanjiru Waburi

Anne Wanjiru Waburi

Capacity building in Africa’s construction industry: A case study of Kenya

Read more at: Sai Pavan Abhishek Vinakollu

Sai Pavan Abhishek Vinakollu

Modelling plastic packaging flow in the UK: Current practices and future opportunities for local authorities

Read more at: Cailey Talbot

Cailey Talbot

Misinformation as a critical barrier to sustainable development

Read more at: Santiago Sottil

Santiago Sottil

Developing an airport climate change resilience framework and platform

Read more at: Mabel Smith

Mabel Smith

Sustainable resource management and the water-energy-land food nexus: A case study of Spain

Read more at: Ravi Kumar Singh

Ravi Kumar Singh

Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution aggravate climate change and hinder achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals? If so, how do we prevent this?

Read more at: Saranya Sasindran

Saranya Sasindran

Development of a Blue-Green Infrastructure opportunity mapping tool for Kerala (India)

Read more at: Ignacio Esteban Rabsiun Aramburu

Ignacio Esteban Rabsiun Aramburu

Adaptation and flexibility in infrastructure for development: Water, wastewater and electricity in Argentina


Course Overview


The need to engage in better problem definition through careful dialogue with all stakeholder groups and a proper recognition of context.


An ability to work with specialists from other disciplines and professional groups acknowledging that technical innovation and business skills also must be understood, nurtured and combined as precursors to the successful implementation of sustainable solutions.


An understanding of mechanisms for managing change in organisations so future engineers are equipped to play a leadership role.


An awareness of a range of assessment frameworks, sustainability metrics and methodologies such as Life Cycle Analysis, Systems Dynamics, Multi-Criteria Decision making and Impact Assessment.