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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions

Studying at Cambridge



Title Description
Farouk Abdul Khalid Energy Sustainability for Development in New Economic Region: Case Study of Malaysia
Georges Abou Adal Analysing the Challenges of an Eco-City in the UAE: The Limitations of Technology and the Impact of Behaviour
Paul Astle The Barriers to a Greater Use of Reclaimed Steel in the UK Construction Industry
Brendan Baker Shades of Green: The State of Environmentalism in Product Design
Tom Berman A Novel Bio-Ethanol Process - Appropriate For Mauritius?
Sinomnqa (Nomi) Bodlani Rural Road Infrastructure and Poverty Alleviation - Policy Implications for South Africa
Suzana De Souza Brandao Water Efficiency for Sustainable Homes
William Brower Implications of China's Growing Aid to Africa for USAID Conservation Programmes: Opportunities for Synergy
Yu-Foong Chong Assessing the Impact of UK Clock-Change Policy upon Energy Usage and Carbon Emissions
Athanasia (Thania) Christodoulou Sustainability Assessment of the Implementation of the WEEE Directive in the UK
Galvin Clancey Assessing the Sustainability of Spent Mushroom Compost Disposal Options
John Collins Sustainable Transport for New Communities: Dunsfold Park Case Study
(Jose) Emiliano Detta Silvera Membrane Bioreactors (MBRS) as a Sustainable Solution for Wastewater Treatment in Mega Cities
James Dodds Waste Management at the Sole Bay Brewery
Colleen Duncan The Roles of "For-Profit" and "Not-For-Profit" Organizations: A Study of Irrigation in Nepal
Kelsey Edwardsen Cultural Anthropology in Development Engineering
Mark Frey Transportation Justice in London and New York City
Marla Fuchs Steel Stewardship: A Responsible and Sustainable Framework
Willie Ganda Regulation for Sustainability: The Impact of the European Union End-of-Life Vehicles Directive on the automobiule value chain
Katherine Grant Sustainable Investment Choices for the South African Electricity Sector