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MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

global challenges, engineering solutions
Read more at: Rasha Abdrabu

Rasha Abdrabu

Local Capacity Building for Water Management in Socotra Island,Yemen Water Governance Framework for Underdeveloped Areas

Read more at: Joseph Mulligan

Joseph Mulligan

An Evaluation of the International Hydropower Association’s (IHA) Sustainability Assessment Protocol (SAP)

Read more at: Chrisitan Rodriguez

Chrisitan Rodriguez

Analysis of the impacts of a quota market on the Chilean electricity market: A renewable energy perspective

Read more at: Chris Roe

Chris Roe

A Critique of Emerging Standards in the Voluntary Market for Carbon Offsets

Read more at: Eskandarian Samsudin

Eskandarian Samsudin

Sustainability Reporting: review in the oil and gas industry

Read more at: Samantha Passmore

Samantha Passmore

Pathways to a Business Model for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Education Services: A Case Study in Honduras.

Read more at: Sadman Islam

Sadman Islam

Identification and optimization of conditions required for systems interactions in Green Infrastructures: A case study in Newcastle of Sustainable Urbran Drainage Systems.

Read more at: Matias Hanel

Matias Hanel

Sustainability Assessment of Desaliation Plants Powered with Renewable Energy: A Case Study of the Antofagasta Region in Chile.

Read more at: Shri Gugan Siva Subramaniam

Shri Gugan Siva Subramaniam

The ENERGY-WATER Nexus in the UK: IMPACT OF SHALE GAS exploitation in The Midlands

Read more at: M Abdur Rahman

M Abdur Rahman

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in Pakistan

Course Overview


The need to engage in better problem definition through careful dialogue with all stakeholder groups and a proper recognition of context.


An ability to work with specialists from other disciplines and professional groups acknowledging that technical innovation and business skills also must be understood, nurtured and combined as precursors to the successful implementation of sustainable solutions.


An understanding of mechanisms for managing change in organisations so future engineers are equipped to play a leadership role.


An awareness of a range of assessment frameworks, sustainability metrics and methodologies such as Life Cycle Analysis, Systems Dynamics, Multi-Criteria Decision making and Impact Assessment.