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23rd January

The challenges of managing the American foreign aid program, post-9/11 in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Mark Ward (U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID))

6th February

Climate change, peak oil, and the coming global energy crisis

Dr Jeremy Legget (Solar Century)

13th February

Creating a Better Place - the Environment Agency - and shaping sustainability

Baroness Barbara Young (Chief Executive – Environment Agency)

27th February

Sustainable Development in the Built Environment; Progress or Procrastination?

Professor Peter Brandon and Dr Patrizia Lombardi (Salford University)

12th March

Carbon Footprinting: Industry, People, the Universe and Everything

Professor Adisa Azapagic (Manchester University)

23rd April

Delivering Sustainable Development at the Eden Project

Tim Smit (Founder of the Eden Project)

30th April

Climate Change and Ecosystem Services: Science, Economics and Ethics

Professor Robert Watson (Chief Scientific Advisor, DEFRA and Director of Strategic Development at the Tyndall Centre)